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A few of you have emailed me and asked how Fiji is doing.  So I actually brought her inside today, and shut her up in my studio with me (that way Toby couldn't love on her...in his dog way...which I am assuming would not be good).

She sat on my shoulder for a bit.

007 copy
This is me holding the camera way out and trying to get her all in the photo and not look like a duck, I mean a dork at the same time. She has only pooped maybe once by this time. Luckily not down my back.

012 copy
So then I finally put her on the floor so she could walk around.  She pooped a few more times. I mean this was like in 15 minutes, how many times does a chicken poop already?  You never see that question on Jeopardy. "What is every 2 minutes, Alex?"

I sat down on the floor and she immediately climbed up on my knee and sat there. She is a little love. She then pooped on my pants and it was runny not the nice clean up kind like before, and I had to strip off my pants and stain stick them and put on some new ones, meanwhile she is following me around like a dog and comes with me into the laundry room.  So then I am changed and we come back in my studio, and she just walks around with me...pooping every so often.

015 copy
See how big she is getting? I still am pretty sure she is a Blue Cochin (see below), and still hoping she is a she.

018 copy
I love her colors and she is going to be beautiful when she grows up. I was talking to my BFF Tracy the whole time she was in here pretty much, and she cleaned and preened her feathers the whole time.  She would spread them out and then she would scooch down and sit on my knee, then she would preen some more. She was making her little contented noise, I should have taped it, I will next time.

021 copy
Here she is standing on one leg and oh I see she has pooped yet again.  I don't think you could have a chicken as a pet in the house very good could you? But she is such a love, and I am so glad she found a good home and that she was saved from being killed by something.

022 copy
Here you can see her feathery little feet, I think by the time she is grown she will be all feathery.  She has the longest fingernails too.

Well that is Fiji, and that will be my post for today, I have been mounting stamp sets, we are having a storm so I don't want to be on the computer too long.

Added since post: Cathy Hewlett was so kind to comment and let me know she is pretty sure Fiji is a White Brahma and after googling that, I do believe she is right...thanks Cathy!!!

I found this:


Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in.

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