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...that MAMMa!

At convention MAMMa surprised me with the cutest gift.  It holds the bakers twine, and its all wrapped up on the spools that are left over from the regular ribbon.

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She put them in empty embellishment packages and put an eyelet through and fed the twine through. Each container is glued to the next one, but you can remove the lid to refill the twine when you need to. 

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To top it off she decorated it so beautiful with a flower, and she made the cutest box to give it to me in.

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Don't you just love her? I do, I'm lucky to have her.  Mwah! MAMMa, I love you!

Today I got an email from Cathy Hewlett and she said that Fiji looks like a White or Light Brahma, and I googled it and that sure looks right. Thanks Cathy!! If you go back to the post I showed the other day of her running around in my studio I added a video that will show you what she should look like when she grows up.

Well I better get my butt to bed, I am headed over to Rhonda's tomorrow to work on Fall Fest.

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