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Are You Kidding?

Today was fun, I got up around 8am and headed for breakfast, Marcy, a girlfriend from school was coming over in the morning with home made tarts and drinks from Tim Horton's...I couldn't wait to see her, we have been emailing and facebooking but had not seen each since highschool, we send hugs to each other through Heather Summers a fellow Canadian and Demonstrator friend of mine. So it was neat to go right to the source for the huggin! She brought Mum & Dad home made chili sauce too!

006 copy
Isn't she adorable? She looks just like she did in highschool.  We visited for a few hours maybe and then she had to head out. Then we headed to Exeter to pick up Mum's dress and Courtney's wedding gown.  I also was trying to find a special wedding gift (if I find it I'll tell you what it is...) but am having trouble finding it.  I could have got it at home, but didn't want to risk breaking it in my luggage, so tomorrow on the way to Courtney's is my last chance if I don't find it I will tell her about it and then probably get it at home and ship it to her.

After we dropped the dresses off at the house, we headed into town to see Granny, cause I won't be able to see her till a day before I leave as we won't be at Mum's the next few days we'll be at a hotel for the rehearsal and the wedding 3 hours away.

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She looked beautiful as ever, she has been having some pain in her legs and some swelling so they are going to give her some meds for that.  She lays in bed at night for a long time and they are trying to move her more through the night. 

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Here's Jacqui, me, Mum & Granny.  We had one of the nurses come in and take our picture. We didn't stay super long cause it was supper time, even though Granny say's the food is horrible.

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Mum wheeled Granny out to her table and I asked if she wanted her picture taken with her bib on or off and she said off, she introduced us to her table mates, and we kissed her bye and said see you in a couple days.  I sure do love her and miss her so much.  Most of you that have read my blog for a long time know that when my parents were divorced when I was about 5, we went to live with Poppa and Granny for a long time, we lived in Strathroy for a while just us three girls until my Mum married my new Dad, Edward....yes Twilight fans, eat your heart out...Edward is MY Dad!!! Nanner Nanner Boo!Boo! So Granny is a lot like my Mum too.

007 copy
Speaking of my Dad Edward, he hates getting his picture taken, you know the fans are always screaming "Edward Edward, we love you better then Jacob!!" so he just likes to have some peace and quiet and home and no paparrazzi please.  Although Jacqui said "you better enjoy getting your picture taken at the wedding"...ha!

012 copy
Here is Mum & Dad's dog Winston! So cute!

014 copy
They also have a bunch of kittens, black and white ones.

015 copy
I won't show them all cause you get the idea, but how do you think Toby would like a new friend? Ha! Just kidding...can you imagine?

So we had supper tonight, yummy steaks Ontario Beef right from Mum & Dad's farm and corn on the cob...and do you know what I did?  Me who has had one issue after another lately?  I broke a crown on my steak, what the heck, are you kidding me?  Thank God it is on the bottom and the backside of the tooth so you can't see it.  I am crossing my fingers it does not start to hurt, I am just being very careful when I eat cause I don't want it to break anymore....so all these yummy chocolates and ketchup chips might not get eaten...ha! I called my dentist and got an appointment made for the day I get home cause the day after I head to Founder's Circle...yowza!

I got to go over to Jacqui's tonight and hang out a bit, one of her friends Kim came over and it was awesome seeing her again, she is so fun. Jacqui finished Courtney's thank you cards, and then we headed back to Mum and Dad's where...here I sit blogging and I should be sleeping, morning will come fast and we are headed out early to spend the day with Courtney...fun sister stuff.

I'll post more pictures tomorrow.

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Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.


Di - on location Parkhill Ontario at Mum & Dad's