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I'm So Tired...


Courtney & Jay Wedding 049 copy

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Britton

The day was beautiful and I will totally post more, we got turned around a bit in the dark driving back from Courtney's so arrived late at the hotel, early morning it I went right to bed I gotta get my butt showered and pack and get checked out.  I'll show you a few pictures though.

Courtney & Jay Wedding 047 copy
Courtney's gown was breathtaking, I wanted to show off the back.

Courtney & Jay Wedding 084 copy
The Bride & Groom and their wedding rings.  Jay designed Courtney's and I am not sure if he did his too.  They are off to Jamaica so I won't see them now till they visit Arizona (which I told them they need to do soon) or I get back home again.

Alright, gotta run....thanks for stopping in!


Di - on location Markham Ontario Canada