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The Truth is on the Bumper


Truth is on the Bumper

Jeff was burning some wood last night and apparently unbeknownst to me he put the lighter on the bumper on the back of my truck. So today I went to Target to pick up a few of those being the new Breaking Dawn soundtrack and when I got back out to the truck to put my stuff in the back, there it sat. I had to take a picture.  I must drive pretty safely, cause it is about 10 miles or so to Target and I have to go down our road which is a dirt road.  I showed Jeff the picture when he got home and he laughed. I put the lighter inside the truck for the ride home. 

Today I got my Spice Cake Stationary Box class all figured out, I am such a procrastinator, I have had the class on the books forever and knew what I wanted to do but getting it done kept getting put off, so today I got it done and it is

Spice Cake Stationary Box 006 copy
Here's the box closed.  We had done this box at a Spring Fling event a year ago or so and we did it in pink.

DSCN1077 copy
Do you think I could find my notes with the dimensions? Nope. Not all my files got copied over to my laptop and I gave up looking, so basically I had to take this pretty pink box apart to get the measurements.  But now I have them written down.

Added since original sweet friend and upline Rhonda came to my rescue she had the PDF on her computer that we made for our event, so I am putting the PDF here, and please note that it is for the pink box, so I did not do any of the border punching for my Spice Cake box, but everything else is the same.  Enjoy!!!

Download Stationary Box Directions

Spice Cake Stationary Box 010 copy
They'll make the box, and then four notecards with envelopes to go inside.  This holds the notecards #107311 and not the standard size card. If you live in Arizona and want to attend the class, I need to know right away, I only have a few seats left.

So did you watch the CMA awards? I think I've missed it the last few years or only caught a bit of it. I did miss the beginning when they sang Footloose, but it's been a while since I gave my two cents on a here goes...

Natasha Beddingfield who sang with Rascall Flatts, what the heck was up with her skirt? I almost think it was the Snuffleupagus, I mean at one point I swore I saw his trunk...


...if you watch the video below when the clock gets to 3:00, tell me if you don't see it...

...maybe that is why Miss Piggy was there.

Kellie Pickler looks awesome, the last time I saw her on a show she had put on quite a bit of weight and she got to present with Emmett from Twilight...lucky lucky girl.

Seems that ball caps are the new cowboy hats...and I'll be honest I love my man in his ballcap, and if it's a camo one, that's all the better...just a little me tidbit thrown in there for y'all.

Speaking of y'all, the new movie with Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah called Joyful Noise looks good.

Keith Urban sang and I thought he was having throat surgery?

The girl that sang with Kenny Chesney must not have gotten the memo that she would be sitting on a high up stool, cause she wore a short short dress...yikes! Good thing she plays a guitar which she could hide behind, and not a harmonica. She could have used part of Natasha's fur skirt.

Glen Campbell tribute, that made me cry, boy he had some amazing songs didn't he? I did not know he had Alzheimers.  I am so glad they did the tribute now when he is still himself.

Lionel Richie, he has had some amazing songs too, BUT this was the CMA's which is country music.  So I would have much preferred if they were going to sing the songs let the country people sing them in a country way by themselves and maybe have Lionel in the audience, I didn't mind the first and second songs, but his duet with Darius was awful.

Faith Hill has the longest legs.

Carrie Underwood's outfits, was like The Jetsons or something, I think I only liked a couple of them, and that last one where you could see lots of cleavage, (no wonder Brad likes being co-host) she must have used strategically placed sticky strip or that would have been quite the final send off for the evening. Holy Mackerel.

Band Perry, wow what a night for them.  I love them and looks like I need to go pick up their CD. 

Sugarland, who the heck was that guy that sang with her? He could not stand still and I was waiting for him to split his pants he had his legs spread so wide.

Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton - their gonna need a bigger mantel.

Reba looked amazing as ever.

I think that is all I remember, I tried to take notes, but then my phone needed charging and that was where I was taking notes...ha!

I'm gonna say nightie night. Can you believe I am actually going to start a book tonight...a real live paper's a hard cover and enormous.  Stephen King's "Under the Dome", it's gotta weigh 10 pounds. Not looking forward to having that lay on my chest in bed while I read, but I bought it before I got my Nook. I think I own all Stephen King's book in hard back. He's one of my favorite authors, I always said if I could meet an author he would be number one on my list...of course there are so many others I love now that the list is longer.

Have an awesome Thursday, Grey's Anatomy looks like a good least the commercials make it seem that way.

Thanks for stopping in, and listening to my blabbering.

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