Now You See It...
Leadership day one

Double Eggs!

Double egg picture

While I am at Leadership I will be offering double reward points!!

What? Yep!

From January 18 - January 24, when you place an online order through my store that totals $40.00 before tax and shipping you will earn not 1 egg, but 2.  Just in time for Sale-a-Bration that starts on the 24th! Oh and someone asked me if they would get real eggs, and sorry I'm keeping the real ones...but I think reward points and free stamps mail much better! Ha!

Download Sale-a-Bration Brochure

Please keep in mind my Country Dozen Rewards are for online orders only, club orders, workshop orders, product shares, etc, do not count. - Added since original order to get the SAB extra gifts for Hostesses, I will need to enter your order in the computer because if you do the order online it won't be eligible. So if you are ordering over $150.00 or more email me your order and I will put it in for this time only I will allow the Country Dozen Rewards on the order I put in.  Holler if I am totally confusing you.

After you have earned a Dozen eggs you can pick a stamp set any price as a Thank You from me.

I will verify the dates when you turn your reward sheet in so make sure to mark your sheet accordingly and write double points with the date. Below is the sheet to keep track.

Download Di's Country Dozen Rewards 2011 PDF

Speaking of eggs, well the real kind of eggs...

IMG_20120116_150203 copy

Fiji laid her first egg today, hers is the darker one on the left. A little bit smaller than the other, but a pretty good size for a first one I think. She has been more vocal lately, and this morning she was chatting me up, probably saying "I got an aching in my nether regions, call the Doctor!!" so later when I went out to check the other girls, I looked and I was like OMG! an egg, but she laid it by her food dish not in the roosting place, and it looked like she had tried to cover it I don't know if she laid it in the roosting place and took it out there to show the other girls through fence and they said "hide it! hide it!, she takes them every day!" I was a proud Mum, you would think I had laid it.  I asked my dear friend Anna Wight, she knows everything about chickens and she said she will figure out where to lay them eventually, so that is good.  I have a couple golf balls in the roosting place and she does go in there and mess with them from time to time, so my fingers are crossed.  I am just happy she did it before I left, I missed the first egg we ever got from our other girls cause I was out of town.

008 copy
So I redid my card from yesterday, I colored this one with my aqua painter, and didn't forget areas...ha!

I'm gonna sit here a bit and write some posts to go while I am gone.  I will blog from my phone and let you know anything exciting going on ok?  I'll also have Twitter and Facebook too! Oh my word what did we do before technology?

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.

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