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When we all get together I swear we do a lot of snorting, laughing, tooting (hey it happens!) and even peeing in our pants from being so silly.

In fact at Leadership Rhonda and I were laughing so much most nights it is a wonder the next door neighbor person didn't say something, but Rhonda could hear them making phone calls or something, not what they were saying but the dial tone like on speaker, I couldn't hear it at all, heck I even held my ear (with hearing aid in it) to the wall and nothin'.  Maybe I should get them adjusted, I still am having issues hearing with my new phone.  I don't know why the notification that I have a new email is so loud and other things are not.  I really need to go back to the store and have them look at it, instead of just complaining to you.

I'm going to share another My Digital Studio desk top calendar page with you if that is ok. I had a bunch of errands to run today and then to figure out one of my classes in February and I had to get everything ordered, so no stamping today.  Tomorrow will be busy, an early morning appointment and then back home to work.

My Project 21-016

This is when Kim came to visit.  What a fun time. I love the pic of Rhonda and Kim horsing around and trying to be all kissy with each other...ha!

Did you know that starting today February 1 you can get a 30-day My Digital Studio Express trial version? The best part is this is an ongoing offer!

With the FREE trial, you'll get:

It's simple; add the free My Digital Studio Express trial (item 129600) to your online shopping cart, and then download and install it from your Download Manager. Once the 30-day free trial period is over, you can purchase the downloadable or disc version of the software to continue using it. You'll simply open up the trial version you already have on your computer, and will be prompted to enter the product registration key you received after purchasing the software. (You'll receive this key via e-mail if you purchase the downloadable version, and you'll find it along with your shipped software if you purchase the disc version.) 

If you don't already have the My Digital Studio software, make sure to take advantage of the free trial.

Well I'm gonna get off the computer and back to work.

Have an awesome Wednesday (OMG! It is February already???) and thanks for stopping in.

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