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This year on the Stampin' Up! incentive trip to Disneyworld, when we registered to go we were asked if we would be part of a swap that SU! was hosting.  It was so long ago that we registered I had forgotten and figured I said no cause you know me, seems I am the best procrastinator and am always up to my eyeballs in something...of course being short makes it easier to be up to your eyeballs in stuff. Right?

So about a week before we left and I got an email from the travel agency that SU! uses (they are so good to us) reminding me I was in the swap, I was like holy moly, I think I had to do 26. So I did my card.

Then when we got to the hotel we went to the hospitality room and I handed in my swap and was given a sticker that said "F".  Then on the share night, I was to show them my sticker and then they handed me a bag of swaps.  The "F" was so that I didn't get the swap bag with my card in it.  This is only the second time I can remember (with my bad memory) of SU! hosting a swap, I remember one cruise we did it and we had to mail them ahead of time and they were waiting in our cabin, other than that people would do swaps on their own but when we are with other guests like on a cruise that don't understand the craziness of swapping and they are on vacation and all these woman are on the deck making noise and taking up room, Stampin' Up! said it was probably not a good idea to do private swaps.  I totally understand why, I mean it is vacation and all that too, and to have to figure out what time to meet and all, it can be stressful, so this was perfect really.

Anyway, long story short, I thought I would share some of my favorite swaps I got over the next few days.

The first one is by Brandi Barnard, thanks Brandi!  I have not done a flower pot card in a while and this is adorable.

004 copy
It shows off the Summer Smooches DSP and the matching fabric. You don't have to sew to love our fabric.

003 copy
You pull up the flowers to reveal the greeting.

006 copy
Isn't that cute?

So today I was working in my studio and I went in the house and I was like geesh it sure is hot in here.  I looked at the temperature and it said 82, and I was like huh? It was supposed to be at least 80.  So I checked the a/c and it was not working, it was blowing hot air...ugh!  I called Jeff at work, and he called our neighbors son who worked on it when we had that near fire a few months ago, and he came and looked at it, and it was the condensor, so he fixed it and all is well.  I sure was worried, I mean it's getting hotter then h.e. double hockey sticks here. In fact during the day, Jeff has me turn the heat lamp off the chukars cause Mother Nature is keeping them warm enough as it is. He just turns it on at night.

So did you watch Idol?  If not, don't read anymore.  OK for one thing, what is up with that clapping monkey, they show it every now and then when they go to a commercial, and then tonight it was on the table by Steven Tyler? Also notice that Phillip is never in the Ford commercials?  Is he sick when they film them? Is he a Dodge man?

So they started out with Joshua hearing his critique by Jimmy from his performance last night.  Jimmy didn't like it as much as me.

Then Lisa Marie Presley sang...ok so I am wondering, did she sing before?  Wasn't she an actress? I know she was in a Micheal Jackson video when they were married.  She looked so serious when she was singing and when she was done, she gave a beautiful smile.  The band had quite the costumes, I was like is that Tom Petty?  I wish she would have sang one of her Dad's songs, but at least she was dressed sensible and she didn't need to be censored.

Then Jessica was up to listen to Jimmy's critique. Jimmy agreed with me, she needs to do more.

Adam Lambert sang next.  I love me some Adam, and I also thought the green highlights on everyone were cool.  It was kinda funny, its like Adam reminds me of Elvis when he was younger, that hair, that sexiness, that swagger, well he is gay but other than that. So it was funny to have Lisa Marie on tonight. Was that planned or do I see things that are just crazy?

Phillip then was critiqued and Jimmy loved the last song Phillip sang as did I. I mean that was amazing and I would listen to it over and over.

So then the judges talked and talked.  I swear that Jennifer says the same thing 5 different ways just so she can keep talking.  I wonder who they will find to replace her? 

So then it came down to the end.  Of course Jessica was the first one safe...ugh! And poor Joshua goes home.  Phillip better kick some butt next week, I hope he takes it all.  I can't wait till Joshua has his first CD cause it is going to be awesome. He sings with such passion and feeling.

Well this old chick better hit the hay. Morning comes fast.

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.

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