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I wanted to make this as soon as I saw it in the Holiday Catalog, and my goodies got here today...well 2 boxes did and the third came later, it got mixed up somewhere. I know it is not near Halloween yet but still...isn't this little guy adorable?  I didn't have any Halloween candy but I had some red and green ones...yes Christmas mints but no one is to eat my displays anyway so it is ok.  Plus the green looks cool showing through the bag...right?

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So this morning our neighbor Richard brought over 9 fertilized eggs for Alice.  I carefully removed the two golf balls and the fake egg from under her...as well as a real egg, who knows how long that was there?  She sqwaked a bit, but then I said look what I have for you, real babies.  So then I carefully put the other eggs under her and it was neat to watch her use her beak to get them underneath her.  So we are hopeful that she will hatch some.  I guess the odds are that not all will hatch, I guess incubating them has more of a success rate, but I want nature (as it is, cause she is kind of a surrogate Mum) to take its course, I want her to raise them.  If and when they hatch (21 days) I will leave her with them for a bit where she is now, and then we will move her and the chicks to Fiji's old pen, so she can help them grow some.  Eventually we will put her and the chicks in the big pen so that she can teach the other girls to leave her babies alone.  Fingers are crossed. This is a whole new thing for me. Comments and suggestions are surely appreciated.

Here's some pics of the girls:

006 copy
This is Alice saying "do these 9 eggs make my butt look big?"

007 copy
This is Stella and Clara saying "how many feathers do we have to pluck off our chests to get babies?"

008 copy
Fiji is saying "finally I won't be the new girl around here...gee I hope they are girls, what if there is a rooster in there?"

009 copy
I haven't shown the chukars since we moved into the big pen, I don't think. They are getting bigger. I sure wish this heat would let up though.  Summer has only begun too.  I am really not liking the Arizona heat this year.  Old age or cortisone shot? I was googling it, and I think it's a bit of both.

Well this old gal is headed to beddie bye.

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.

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