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I got home today from convention, I didn't even unpack before I laid down for a nap. I am whooped.  I got up just in time to watch the Next Food Network star show...wow the winner was not who I picked.

I wanted to show you some cute chicken stuff I got as sweet gifts at convention.

The first is an adorable pot holder that will totally never see my kitchen, no way am I getting it dirty even though my sweet friend Melanie Hopes who made it for me says it can be laundered.  It is going in my studio.

007 copy
Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen? Plus my favorite fabric. Thanks Mel, I love her, and YOU!

008 copy
Look at that sweet face.

Alice is still laying on her eggs, we have about one more week till they should start to hatch, cross your fingers.

Look what else I got.

009 copy
OMG! So my darling cutie patootie friend Kim Sinclair gave me this cute chicken card and it was in a cello envelope, and I didn't even think to open it. So when I saw Kim the next time, she said "did you open it?" and I was like "no", but you are darned tootin' I did when I got back to my room and then the babies were inside.

010 copy
Here's Mum all proud...

011 copy
...and why shouldn't she be, look at her darling babies!  Thanks Kim, I love it and I love you.

I had to share with you the theme song for this year's convention and the fun video...warning...you will be singing this song all day...


So this old chick is headed to bed.  My studio looks like a tornado went off so I need to get up early to clean it, and I need to upload all my convention pictures.

Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in.

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