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So I am going to turn this post over to you? Huh? What?

I am so amazed with the people that I have met through my little blog, and it is amazing how small a world it is, how similar people are, how we affect people etc.

Like for example:

A blog reader commented on my Walgreens post that that is their neighbours dog, Boston - what fun! 

A blog reader's son is good buddies with Zac Brown - gotta love that, they are one of my favorite bands!

A blog reader actually is married to my old boyfriend from highschool's best friend - freaky teaky eh?

So here goes:

Tell me something interesting, fun, weird...whatever about you in the comments section. I tell you stuff about me all the time, even stuff you couldn't care less about, or wish I hadn't of shared, or can't believe I step up to the plate and share...if you is just for worries if you just want to lurk and read that is cool too.

So ya wanna be the first one?

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in and playing along.