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MAMMa said "There'd be days like this"

What a Day!!!

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And it will start all over tomorrow.

We went to see Breaking Dawn 2 today, we had VIP tickets so actually got to see the movie at 6:00. I went with MAMMa and Melissa. 

Here's some fun pictures.

Beautiful MAMMa, we got inline at like 3:10...we had great seats

Mel and I, doesn't she look adorable with the short hair? We should have shown off our special t-shirts.

We got even cuter ones for tomorrow, will have to take a picture of them.

Mel and MAMMa

This is about ten minutes before the movie started. We could not wait and it was soooo good, and the time just flew by.

Now this old gal (secret wave!!!) is off to bed, I gotta get up early cause we are going to the movie again in the morning.

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.