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So tonight while I was working I had on The Voice, I had only seen part of it one other time but tonight I really left it on and wow, what amazing talent.  Cassadee is beautiful, Terry was so cute (I'm a sucker for an accent - Jeff had one when I first met him), and Nicholas was freaky cool.  Their talent is unreal and I would not want to judge them.  Personally though I think I would buy Cassadee and Terry's records over Nicholas, but since this is the first time I watched I can't really say and I didn't vote cause it would not be fair. I might check this show out for next season (as I am NOT watching American Idol anymore) but I really like Cristena and will miss her not on the show.

I wanted to share a beautiful Christmas card I got from one of my sweet friends and she is in my stamp club too, Karen Bader. I love it Karen, and you too!

029 copy
I love that she embossed it and she added pearls too. I am very partial to this stamp as my Granny tried to teach me how to crochet a pineapple. Let's just say I would have more luck sticking one up my nose than crocheting it but I do love the memories I have sitting with Granny as she taught me.

Well that is it for me, I gotta get back to work.

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.