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A Look Back on January 2012

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I think I will take a look back over the past year if that is ok. Give this old girl time to catch up on my stamping...ok?

Wanna reminisce?

Jan 2012
Gotta love this gorgeous card I made at one of MAMMa's classes.

Jan 2012 a
I really loved this card, and was one of the cards I had on display where I taught how to watercolor at Regionals. 

Oh and this post where I showed a cute way to store your framelits.

Jan 2012 cal
This post makes me laugh when I look back cause I said I was going to work on my 2013 calendar through the year...ummm...no I didnt. In fact Eric got me a Hunger Games calendar for Christmas and I hate to hurt his feelings and not use it so I didn't do a special chicken calendar. I do want to make another desk one and will add them to it.

Speaking of the chickens, Stephanie is coming to pick up the boys tomorrow, it will be sad to see them go, I keep thinking I want to keep Chiquita cause I feel connected to him, but how sad will he be to be alone, plus I would be afraid that something will get him eventually since he is roaming free, so I have to just let them go, but I am happy at the same time that they will be happier and get to do what roosters do. In fact when I got up this morning Butterball was no where to be found and I thought the other boys had run him off...well he finally came back but they don't want anything to do with him so he spent the whole day over by himself along the fence, it was kind of heartbreaking but I guess that is how nature is. He is not the head rooster anymore. They did all go up to roost in the tree so that is good.

Well I have two classes tomorrow, the 2013 Calendar tray and the Affection Collection stamp set class, I am going to try that a few times this year, I'll let you know how it goes doing them at the same time.

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks for stopping in.