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Real Quick

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007 copy

Hard to believe that the end of the month is here!

I had a fun workshop today with my Triology girls. I always love going over there, they remodeled the clubhouse and it looks amazing.

When I got home I laid down for a nap and when I got up my left eye is all swollen and it reminds me of when I have an allergic reaction to antibiotics. But I never took not sure what is up. We had lobster last night but I have eaten that many times, I would think I would have had a reaction sooner than that if if was that right?  I did take a benedryl and now I am all loopy...and those that know me know I am loopy unmedicated, so you can just imagine...I keep typing wrong and have to hit the backspace over and over...ha!

This is another card we did for Spring Fling, it was cased and just tweaked a bit from my friend Kay Kalthoff, I think it was the GoDiva swap. Thanks Kay!

006 copy
So before I fall face first asleep on my keyboard this old gal is going to bed.

Have a awesome Thursday and thanks for stopping in.

Pop Fly

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016 copy

Somehow changes were made with google chrome and now whenever I open something this adobe flash or something wants to update but when I click on it it says I don't need to cause chrome updates automatically..well why does the little error message keep coming up then? I click run this time and it goes away.  Egads technology!!!

This is another of the cards from Spring Fling, with the little butterfly on the soda pop top (here is how we smashed them), hence the blog post title...ha!

015 copy
Stamp Set: Itty Bitty Banners

Paper: Sycamore Street DSP, Pool Party, Whisper White

Ink: Island Indigo

Misc: Bitty Butterfly punch, 1" circle punch, rhinestones, Pop-Up Posies Designer Kit, Soda Pop Top

So Eric went to the ball game which meant Jeff and I went on a quick date out for supper, we went to Red Lobster, its Lobsterfest and it was yummy. We brought home the lobster shells, rice and shrimp tails for the girls. We asked the waiter if we could get a box and explained why we wanted to take basically the garbage home, and he was like they will love that, and he used to raise chickens so he understood. When we paid I used my credit card that has a picture of Fiji on it and he said she was beautiful and I should take her to the fair and show her. How sweet eh?

Well this old girl, with a belly full, has to pack up her stuff for her workshop tomorrow, so I am saying nightie night.

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in.

It's in the Bag

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022 copy

Fun I can now start showing you what the make n takes were for Spring Fling. I do however have to go buy some poster board or something taller as I hate that you can see over my white backing when something is tall. I want to show you what I demoed and they are taller than the bag, so will do that tomorrow. Today was a lazy sleep in jammie kinda day.

When I did my last quarter event I found these cute checkered bags, and then after Christmas I found them again and was like well they don't look Christmas and I knew we had Spring Fling coming up so I bought all of them from my store 117 of them, well then our attendance went way up (139 in fact) and I freaked, and called around and finally found a store with more and went and got a bunch more...whew!!! Cause I love them.

021 copy
What do you think? Aren't they cute? All the make n take cards fit inside so it was a fun little package by the end of the day.

The tag is actually inspired from a beautiful swap card that MAMMa got from Elizabeth Martinez at leadership and when I was going through MAMMa's cards I fell in love with it, not realizing it was made by my sweet friend. So we just switched out the colors, added the Pop-Up Posie label dealie in the back but it is basically Elizabeth's tag...thanks darlin' and mwah!!!

Stamp Set: Vintage Verses

Paper: Riding Hood Red, Vanilla Naturals, Tea for Two DSP

Ink: So Saffron, Riding Hood Red

Misc: Artisan Embellishment Kit, 5/8" Flower Trim, Pop-Up Posies Designer Kit, Labels Collection Framelits

Everyone that attended Spring Fling received these items in their bag, along with their make n take supplies:

Artisan Embellishment Kit, package of 5/8 flower trim, Pop-Up Posies Designer Kit, pack of Designer Builder Brads, pack of Soda Pop Tops, Tea Time DSP (half pack), pack of Rhinestone Jewels, a finger dauber and 1 sheet of Dimensionals - then we just used these items for their make n takes.

We used Sale-a-Bration sets so we were able to have those at each table (28 tables of 5), it helped keep the borrowing table from being too busy and it was less that they had to bring that day. Gotta love Sale-a-Bration! Then everyone at the table got to take one of the Sale-a-Bration sets that they used at their table home, we kidded and told them as long as they didn't fight over them they could decide who got what, but if they couldn't we had tickets that we would draw from to see who picked first. We also had other door prizes we gave out during the day, Silver glimmer paper, SAB buttons, and other items we earned during Sale-a-Bration. I can't remember how many, but it seemed like quite a few!

We also did a name tag contest and we had two winners cause we had two butterfly punches as awards. Marge won with 26 votes.

Marge name tag copy
How adorable, her little cookie was fun foam and her name came out like the fortune.

MAMMa had 25 votes and was second.

MAMMa name tag copy
So totally MAMMa with all the bling, and loved the little price tag.

I am so mad at myself that I did not go around and take pictures of the name tags, next time I will, we just get so busy we don't sit down all day, except lunch and to do our demo. So remind me next time girls. If any of you are friends with me on Facebook please take a picture of your name tag and tag me in it, cause then I can see it and make a photo album (I think).

I'll share more over the next few days or so...right now I'm headed to beddie bye.

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.

What a Day!!!

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Up early to load my Nitro and the back of Jeff's truck.

Here's my honey loading up. I don't know what it is, but as I watched him turn the corner driving behind me my stomach did flip flops, is it love, or the excitement of the day ahead or both???

My truck loaded too.

I was so bad I didn't even take my camera, I figured I would take pics with my phone...nope, no time...but I do have several people saying they took pics and will share them, so I will as I get them.

Kay actually shared these with me so you could see the fun stamping crowd.

Do they look like they are having fun or what?

How about these girls? Do they look like they wish they had stayed home and did laundry? NOT!

Thanks to everyone who attended, we hope you had fun and appreciate you taking the time to come out today.

I will share the make n takes over the next week or so...a few at a time...I need to catch up with work and eek! get started on my taxes.

Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in.


It's Beginning to Look Like Spring

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The Daffodils are starting to bloom...look at all that grass, Jeff was doing yard work today...

...and the lizards are coming out in the sun...especially since Jeff cut back the bush this little guy was living in.

It is also looking like Spring Fling...

IMG_20130223_190711_032 is my table on top and under with boxes to be loaded in the very early morning. Jeff is going to take some in his truck too cause I don't have room for it all.

Typepad is having issues so you might see a post from my phone too.

So this old gal is off to bed.

Have a great Saturday and thanks for stopping in.