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So Long Cherish Friendship

Free Catalog, Double Eggs, Retiring Lists!

Cherish Friendship

 Another one of my favorite sets, Cherish Friendship, you know how I love to color, and for pete's sake there is that jewelry tag punch again, it is retiring and might even be sold out by now. Since we don't have phones or the computer...I think that is called off the grid, I don't really know. Just click on the link above and you can find out.

I am hoping Mike and Eric are feeding Toby and the chickens and not being too much like bachelors.  I know that they were going to paint Eric's room and remove the carpet.

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.

So Long Best Dad Ever (Stamp Set)

Eek, I had to change that blog post title, it sounded bad without stamp set on there.

Best Dad Ever

Here is another stamp set that is retiring Best Dad Ever.

Just so you know if anyone orders my PDF on watercoloring, I won't be able to send it till I get back, so please be patient...thanks!

I am setting these posts up before I leave, this is a longggg travel day/evening/morning.

Have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping in.

So Long Bells & Boughs

Free Catalog, Double Eggs, Retiring Lists!

Another gorgeous stamp set retiring, this one is Bells & Boughs - this was a card I did for Founder's Circle one year. I'm just focusing on the stamp sets, there might be stuff on the card that retired last year.

Bells & Boughs

Eek, it has the jewelry tag punch on there too! Another thing retiring! Oh and if you go to the original post (the link is above) I have a video on doing this technique.

Well this old gal is signing off, we have tons to do tomorrow, today I finished up my demo for Fiji, and got it all ready to pack, the last load of wash is in the dryer. Still trying to figure out how I lose 10 pounds in a day???

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks for stopping in.

So Long Aviary

Free Catalog, Double Eggs, Retiring Lists!

What I will probably do for the next week or so is show past cards that I posted that the stamp set is retiring, that way I can get all I need to do before our trip done. Plus I won't have my laptop or phone while we are gone. Is that called off the grid?

I love this Aviary set and will miss the fun little owls.

When you go to the original post (the link is above the card) I also have a video using the jewelry tag punch and...are you sitting down? It is retiring too...I know...I was so surprised, I love that punch.

Do you watch Scandal? I swear every episode about Huck has me crying at the end.

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.