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So a couple months ago I was at Joanne's I had to get some tulle for my Spring Fling demo and the lady that cut my stuff looked so familiar and I was like OMG it is Miss Araujo, she was Eric's favorite teacher, God blessed us when he brought her into Eric's life.  He loved her and did not want to disappoint her ever. My memory is horrible but I think maybe 4th or 5th grade was the first time he had her.  She could make him mind and if he misbehaved at home we would tell him "Miss Araujo wouldn't like that, or do you want us to tell Miss Araujo?" and he would usually straighten up.  So he had her for quite a few years and then his last couple years of high school he got her again when she started teaching at the high school, what a happy day.  So when he graduated she was crying as bad as us.  So I could not wait to take him to Joanne's with me.  So today when he got home from school I had to run to the store so I asked if he wanted to go and he said sure.  I didn't know if she was working but yay, she was.  When we walked in she was right there at the register.

Miss Araujo and Eric
So she excused herself from the register and came and gave him a big hug and he was so surprised and happy. She teased him about his beard and she gave him a kiss and we promised to get together very soon.  I sure hope you have an amazing teacher in your life.  I know I have had a few.

Also last week I went and got my Nitro washed and there is an antique store right by there, and it beckoned me to go I can't say no to beckoning. I picked up Jeff a very cool metal drawer dealie for his shop. While I was there I saw this shabby bed frame and it was full size just like the guest room. It was originally $225.00 and I think it was marked down to $130.00 or $150.00...but since I had gotten Jeff his thing I resisted...but I kept thinking about it.  So today Jeff had to take my Nitro in and have the tail light fixed so I had his pick up.  While I was reading my morning email, I saw an email from the antique store saying sale and the bed was $99.00...I called right away and was like is that the bed in the back room, and it was and they measured it and it was the right size, and well I had the pick up so it was fate so I went and got it.

Right now it is kind of a white/greenish/chalky kinda look, so after we get back from vacation I am gonna make it more vanilla shabby. Cool eh?

Well this old gal is off here, today was hotel registration for convention and it was crazy busy. I have been on the computer too much lately and I think that is causing my shoulder I'm calling it a night early.

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.