May's Mystery Hostess On-line Workshop Winner
It's Gonna be Ruff...


I wanted to show you another of the punch critters (three in fact) from class. These were the ones I did for this card. You can read their back story on the post.

Punch Class 1 - 2013 007 copy
I put them all on one page cause they were a theme. This one took the longest, but it was three individual critters, I love them.

Punch Class 1 - 2013 008 copy

Punch Class 1 - 2013 009 copy

Punch Class 1 - 2013 010 copy
Frankenstein with a broken heart...his wife did run away with the Doctor didn't she?

Should we do a frog at the next punch class? This one was outside tonight when Toby went out to potty, he quick saw him and I was like "Toby...NO!" they puff up, and secrete poison stuff out of their bumps. Blech!


If we do a frog/toad he sure won't be ugly like this guy.

Well this gal is off to watch The Voice, I sure hope they keep all of Team Blake cause I love them all.

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in.