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2013 - 2014 Product Shares

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Painting the ring finger on your hand a different nail color? I am a bit anal, ok I am a lot anal, but I am trying to be better, I mean my germafobe is getting better after being in Fiji. So today I had running around to do so ran in and got my nails done. I had seen this on Pinterest (they had a little Mickey Mouse head but I left that off).

Cute eh? Eek, look how my old fingers are twisting. I don't think I could do a whole hand this way, even Selena who does my nails said I couldn't handle it...ha! Does she know me or what?

So then I was near one of my favorite antique places, it is where I got the infamous guest bed and I just had to go, I had seen a little table the last time I was in and got my washi tape hanger and was hoping it was still there...and it was.

009 copy
I was originally going to put it in the house, but it fits perfectly next to my desk...not sure this stuff will permanently be on it, I was just trying it out. Can you see Toby?

010 copy
I won't be painting this beauty, look at the neat design on the top, it looks like it is wood that a word?

011 copy
So Toby said "Mummy, you can't just take a picture of my ear, especially since that table is taking the spot of where my bed used to, so please take a picture of all of me since I am a big boy and not scared of the camera anymore."

001 copy
What else have I been doing? Product shares! Lots of them...thanks everyone!

016 copy
Look how cool this is (picture is not that good sorry). On the left is one of the new Simply Pressed Clay flowers. You add it to the mold let it dry and pop it out. I love them plain, but look how cool it looks after it has dried I put crystal effects on it and let it dry, it almost looks like porcelain.

Oh and did you see this little guy?

019 copy
He's the guarder of the bakers twine...and on that note I am going to sign off....and say the right day, I realized I said the wrong day on today's (yesterday's post).

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.