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Quick post, cause it is late.  Had an awesome day, lunch with sweet friends, Ellie, Ruth & Maureen. Then a few errands and then home to get my swap made for tonight...Rhonda (hey Bestie!) has her shoebox swaps at Keegans in Awhatukee, they are so nice and gosh tonight our waiter was the best.

So in my head all day I am thinking it starts at 7:00. Eek, it starts at 6:00...well you usually arrive around 6:00 and then figure out your food and order....so I quickly got in the car, and then when I got on the freeway I called Rhonda and she ordered my food, it was perfect timing cause they just had ordered, and then by the time I got there, they delivered our food about 5 minutes after.  Whew!!!

Too funny, so I was taking a panoramic picture, and MAMMa and Kathya were waving like crazy and I was like I am taking a picture not video...remember when they first had movie cameras and you would look at old family videos and everyone stood so still cause they were used to cameras and not movie cameras, well this was almost the opposite!

This one is a bit better. But ya have to be quick but not too quick when taking it.

Rhonda got some better ones. Gotta love those pouty faces on the bottom.

So this old girl is really going to bed...might even sleep in a little bit since yeah morning comes early when you go to bed at 2am.

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.