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Santa Baby

Everyday Occasions Kit

I have been feeling a bit off since I got back from Founder's Circle, and yesterday I had the worst migraine ever. I probably spent a couple hours on the bathroom floor the room was spinning so bad I had to take motion pills. Today I feel like I was hit by a bus, so I will just re-post what I sent out yesterday before I got sick. Big hugs, Di


I was very lucky to get one of these kits while I was at Founder's Circle and I can't wait to make the cards in it.

Lucky for you, it is available for YOU to order TODAY! The item is #134797 and it is only $29.95.

Everyday Occasions - Diana Gibbs

Here's the flyer to give you more information.

Download Everyday Occasions Flyer

So I am off to order some of these kits. I see a fun class in the future.

Have an awesome rest of the day.