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Fall Fest 2013 038 copy

I had lunch with a dear friend today, Melissa and after lunch we stopped off at one of her favorite coffee places and I tried her favorite iced coffee. I was teasing and said I should have gotten decaf, I don't drink coffee cause it makes me jittery and this was no different. Ha! Loved hanging out with you Mel!

I watched a really good movie tonight called Darling Companion. Have you ever seen it? It was one of those good feeling movies, you laugh and you cry. Toby watched it with me and that was perfect because it was about a dog...kinda.

Speaking of movies, have you seen Life of Pi?  Jeff and I watched it and the more I think about it, I think the real story was about the mean cook and not the tiger. What do you think?

I wanted to share another card the girls did at Fall Fest. See how fast I can change subjects? I must still have caffeine flowing in my veins.

Fall Fest 2013 037 copy
It uses the fun set Perfect Blend, I have a class this month where you get the set, (we will be making different cards) make sure you let me know if you want to attend- I only have a few seats left. It also uses the Season of Style DSP stack, and the yummy candy dots too.

Well this old gal is off to bed.

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks for stopping in.