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Project Life by Stampin' Up!

Project Life by Stampin' Up!

So much excitement today. I'm still in my jammies cause I didn't want to miss anything...I promise though, I am now going to get ready for the day, now that I have shared the excitement with YOU!

I am so excited to let you know Stampin' Up! has partnered with the amazing Becky Higgins to bring you the real deal-authentic Project Life products, now in exclusive Stampin' Up! colors and designs. 



Here is a short video to tell you more.


If you've somehow missed the Project Life craze and are wondering what it's all about, we'll fill you in: it's a super simple, totally affordable way to get your photos into albums: you just slip your photos into Photo Pocket Pages and add designed cards. It's a back-to-basics approach to documenting your life. In a nutshell, it's all about spending more time making memories and less time scrapbooking them.

You'll be able to order a selection of Project Life products starting May 1! And with the launch of our new annual catalog on June 2, you'll be able to buy from our complete line of Project Life products.

Can't wait that long? Stampin' Up! demonstrators will be able to order the limited selection starting April 21, if you're not a demonstrator, sign up today and you can order the products early too!

Convention registration is now open and we even got a sneak peek of the cute tote bag we will be getting too. Ask me how you can get a FREE Convention registration.
Have you thought about becoming a Demonstrator but have had all these little doubts? Here are the most frequent asked questions about being a Demonstrator that I hope will ease your mind.


Even if you have never considered being a Demonstrator before, these answers may make you think, "Hey, maybe I can do that?
Q. Do I have to do home workshops, or can I just buy for myself?

A. This is by far the most asked question. And the answer is no you do not have to do home workshops! When you sign up to be a Demonstrator you are your own boss, and it is your business under the Stampin' Up! umbrella. You choose to be the Demonstrator you want to be.

~You can be a Hobby Demonstrator: you buy stamps for yourself and receive a 20% discount

~You can be a Seasonal Demonstrator: you buy stamps for yourself, as well as place orders for friends and family from time and receive at least a 20% commission on all orders.

~You can be a Career Demonstrator: you buy stamps for yourself, place orders for family, friends and customers, you hold classes/workshops each month, you have a blog, you have a Demonstrator business website, and you get orders through your online store, you will work a few more hours a week, you will receive at least 20% commission on all orders placed as well as the income collected from classes. You can earn free trips each year, free product bundles when new catalogs come out, you might even be a Rising Star and go on a special trip with Stampin' Up! You might be a Top 100 Demonstrator and go to Founder's Circle.  This one is hard to actually describe as everyone is different because you set your own goal. I can help with that goal setting.

When I first became a Demonstrator I had no intention of doing workshops, I just wanted my discount, I was a Hobby Demonstrator, but I was so excited about stamping I mentioned it to a neighbor and she got excited too and booked a workshop and it has grown from there. Then I was a Seasonal Demonstrator, I did the odd workshop/class, placed orders for friends.  Then my business started to take off and I wanted to be home when my son got off the bus, I wanted to be my own boss and work the hours that I wanted to work, so I decided to become a Career Demonstrator.  It all depends on you.
As long as you place $300.00 in orders each quarter, you will remain active and be entitled to all the benefits of a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. Most people do end up doing a workshop/class now and then for their friends.

Q. I don't have the extra money to invest in a lot of stamps and other things to get started. What does it cost?

A. Our starter kit is only $99.00 plus tax and FREE shipping (you get to choose $125.00 worth of catalog items) Pick and choose what you would like in your Starter Kit - stamps, inks, or maybe a Big Shot machine. Typically after two workshops you have earned back the price of your kit. 
There is no inventory to buy - EVER! All orders are placed directly through the company so your only investment is the kit.  You will need to purchase order forms and extra catalogs now and then, but they are not that expensive. Plus as a Demonstrator, your stamps, accessories & business supplies are now tax deductible.


Q. I am very shy and I don't think I can ever get up in front of people and sell something. How do you do it?

A. Let me say I was totally this person, being deaf (I wear hearing aids so I can hear), I was always not wanting to talk to people, especially strangers, but when I became a Demonstrator and after my first Workshop it became easier because I was talking about things I love to do and a product I believe in.  In fact since becoming a Demonstrator I have actually taught at many Stampin' Up! events, and even demonstrated on the big stage at Convention and it was fun. 


Q. I am not creative and I don't think I can come up with creative ideas. How did you learn?

A. The Stampin' Up! website is amazing. We have a Stampin' University with videos and tips and all sorts of things to help you, and we get an awesome Stampin' Success magazine in the mail every other month with tons of ideas to copy. It has workshop/class ideas, blog tips, you name it, it is in there.  Plus you will have me!!!


Q. I really need to make some extra money for my family, is that possible?

A. Of course you can!  Your commission is based on your sales.  It starts at 20% and goes up to 40% Let's say you have $1,000.00 in sales for one month (about 3 workshops/classes) you will make 30% or $300.00. The higher your sales the more commission you make.  In addition to commission you can earn free stamps, gifts through our Great Reward Program, trips, plus other bonuses.  I also offer incentives based on sales as well.


Q. My family is involved in many activities; I just don't have the time. How can I work Stampin' Up! around them?

A. You don't work Stampin' Up! around your family, you work it into your family's schedule. By having your own business and being your own boss, you work the hours that work for you.  If you need to take time off, go ahead.  If you want to work every day to make some extra money to go on that family vacation, do it! Stampin' Up! will never tell you that you need to do "X" number of workshops a month.  As long as you maintain your $300.00 per quarter, you will remain active.


Q. Do I have to go through training?

A. No training is necessary.  As I said there are lots of training videos and the likes in Stampin' University plus I am always here to help you. We can talk via email, or phone. Every Demonstrator has their own style and before you know it, you will find yours.


Q. I don't know anyone who would have a workshop/class for me. Where can I find people?

A. Many Demonstrators start out by having an Open House. Invite your family and friends over and introduce them to your new business. Have a quick and cute make n take for them to do so they can get their hands on a stamp, they will be excited like we are when they see what they can make!  You would be surprised how many people are willing to help you get started.  You will start out slow, but remember slow and steady wins the race! Don't think you can fill your calendar overnight! 

Q. I don't like to travel at night but I would really like to do workshops. Are there other options?

A. Sure there are! Maybe you can do workshops/classes during the day.  Perhaps you do a small workshop in your child's lunch room when teacher's have their break.  One of my funnest workshops was actually at a hospital in their break room, the nurses came in throughout their break and made a quick card and placed their order. Churches are a great place as well, maybe they make an extra card at the workshop that can be donated to the church for use as a get well, birthday or similar cards they would want to keep on hand.
Maybe the Hostess comes to your house for the Workshop, I have a lot of Hostesses that prefer this. I usually call this a private class.
Book party's or online orders using the Hostess Code are a great way to have workshops too. No one leaves their home, you give the Hostess her private Hostess Code that her friends will use to place their order.  Stampin' Up! ships the order directly to each guest. Cool eh? Not only can the workshop guests place their order when it is convenient for them, you can also close the workshop when it is convenient for you.
I offer classes in the mail, and those are fun too.


Q. What do you offer as an upline if I join your team?

A. If you join my Di's Country INKers team, I will be here to help your get your business up and running and to be the successful Demonstrator you want to be. Whether it is a Hobby Demonstrator, a Seasonal Demonstrator, or a Career Demonstrator.
We have a private FaceBook group where we keep connected no matter where everyone lives. We do virtual meetings every month with a swap.  We do blog hops, we do swaps in the mail when we get new catalogs.  
We do a quarterly Make-N-Takes-N-Lunch...we go grab lunch and head back to the studio to make some fun projects I have planned.
I offer an incentive based on sales called FLIPs, First Level Incentive Products.  If you have at least $1K in sales for the quarter you would pick a free $9.95 item from me and the rewards go up from there.  
I also offer two DiVa days a year, you earn these in a 6 month period by promoting or recruiting or maintaining a certain title.
I send Top Ten cards each month.
I send Birthday cards each month and from time to time little extras.

We have a great group of Demonstrators all over the US. I would love to answer any questions, not covered here.  Being a Demonstrator does not mean you have to have big sales and work long hours. All you need to do is love stamping and the desire to share that with others. I can truly say to people that I love my "job".  I have gained confidence, met so many wonderful people, gone on many all expense paid trips for my husband and I, been one of the Top 100 Demonstrators for the last four years, all because of Stampin' Up! and sharing what I love to do! 

If you have never thought about being a Demonstrator before, what about now?

I would love to have you join my team today at www.dianagibbs.stampinup.net and click the Join the Fun button.

Enjoy the rest of your day and I hope to talk to you soon.