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Giddy Tears

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I will post more pictures later, today was a try to catch up and not fall asleep day, but I wanted to share these fun pictures.

After dinner at Shelli's we headed back in the limo in our jammies, and we were like "we have to take our all on the bed picture", that is like a tradition.

Well I propped my camera up on all sorts of things and set the timer but it was always too dark no matter what I did (lights on or off in the back - didn't matter), and then when I would run back to the bed my fat head would be in the way anyway.

Founder's Circle 2014 & Advisory Board 033 copy

So we moved to the couch and the floor, much better.

Founder's Circle 2014 & Advisory Board 037 copy

We were so tired and giddy and we were like "lets take a funny picture", Winona had pointed at the camera earlier that night so we were trying to tease on her.

Founder's Circle 2014 & Advisory Board 038 copy

This one makes me laugh. We have such a fun Advisory Board this year, but at the same time very serious about being asked to be the voice of the Demonstrator.

The next day we asked the girl at the desk to take a picture of our rings. Another tradition, yes I will admit I told you the AB was on my bucket list so I have seen pictures on blogs from past Board Members, the girls kept teasing me and asking me what picture is next? 


She took a couple pics. All fingers together, I love all our hands. Julie kept complaining about her hand, and we lovingly teased her as she is the youngest (look she has no wrinkles), so we told her to zip it...ha!


This one tugs at my heart as our fingers are all entwined, we will be sisters forever, thank you Shelli for picking us for the Advisory Board this year.

I'm off to bed, another busy day tomorrow, running errands.

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.

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Have a great night and thanks for stopping in.



Thank You

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September's Mini Masterpiece - Get Your Own!

7 page PDF - How to Watercolor with Ink Refills

I usually give the Stampin' Up! staff gift cards while I am at Founder's Circle, they work so hard behind the scenes for a long time to  make our event a fun one. We are so lucky to have them all. 

This year I used the gift card die and this is what it looked like.

Founder's Circle Thank you

I'll be back tomorrow and give the recipe...this old gal is whooped from a busy week and travel day. My bed is calling.

Have an awesome Thursday and thanks for stopping in.

Home Again...

What an amazing couple days on the beginning of our year as Advisory Board Members,  I know I have made friends for life that is for sure.  Shelli sure picked an amazing group of woman for me to serve with.

I'll share a quick picture and then I have to get to bed, gotta get up early to get to the airport. I can't wait to get home.

Here we are in our matching jammies at Shelli's house in her stamp room. Her house is beautiful and so homey but out of respect for her privacy I won't be sharing any house pics except this one. I am sure you understand.


I will share more Founder's Circle and Advisory Board pics later after I get them all uploaded and I get rested up.  I think Thursday is going to be a jammie day.

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in.

Hugs, Di - on location Sandy Utah

Advisory Board - Pinch Me Is This Real?

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September's Mini Masterpiece - Get Your Own!

This Week's Deals

7 page PDF - How to Watercolor with Ink Refills

 What a fun first day, picked up by a stretch limo at the SLC airport and we headed to Sandy UT where we will stay the rest of the time.  It was pouring so we had to run to the limo, Colleen and I were pretending we were in a rock band and running from fans after the show...doesn't take much eh?


Here we are inside the stretch limo, it was pouring out so we didn't get a picture outside, we hope to in the next day or so as this is our ride. We feel so special. I love all the other girls on the board. Shelli did a great job when she put us all together.




My bedroom, and I am so tired I am going to sleep like a log. We have to be in the office by 9.


The kitchen, that I doubt I will be using.  But I do have my water in the fridge.  This old girl is off to bed.


Have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.