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You would think this is the first time that I have worn hearing aids, but it has probably been 8 years or so since I got new ones. Over 26 years since my first pair.  My old ones just were not cutting it anymore, they could not turn them up any higher, so I went and ordered new ones a couple weeks ago and picked them up yesterday. Things really have changed.

OMG! First of all my truck sounds so loud, but I like that when my phone rings the remote that I can wear around my neck is blue tooth so I push a button and voila' the phone is right in my ear.  The remote on my neck is not very attractive but hey it makes me look like a gym teacher, "drop and give me 20!" My fridge sounds like a tornado, but I like the TV thingie so that the TV goes right to my ears, the TV receiver does not even need to be on and I can listen to the TV, Jeff will love that when he goes to bed and I don't have the TV blaring in the other room.  In fact if other people are talking in the room I can push a button and it blocks off the room. "Honey are you going to do the dishes?"  "Can't hear ya I pushed the block out the room button, and I think Daryl is just about ready to kiss Carol". When I eat or talk too much my left one falls out, well hey maybe I'll lose weight if I can't eat. Everytime the hearing aid changes to a different mode and goes back to the main one it says Master, I feel like Major Nelson from I Dream of Jeanie. "Yeah Jeannie can ya make me have perfect hearing?" Hmmm...didn't work.   

So back I go Monday for new molds and adjustments, it is what it is right? I am just blessed that they have technology so I can hear, it will just take a few attempts to get it right.

But do YOU wanna hear something cool? 


The Online Extravaganza is back! Starts Monday!!  Don't forget that on Monday the 24th and Monday the 1st will be door buster sales for that day only, but the other stuff goes till the 2nd.  Please print out the following flyer and make your wish list.  

If you think you are going to want to order on the 24th and the 1st for the one day special let me know so I can start you a Hostess code so you can add all the orders together, who knows it might end up all totalling $150.00 and you'll earn Hostess Benefits too. If you are already ordering $150.00 you don't need a Hostess Code.

Download Online Extravaganza 2014

I love hearing from hubby's and family members so make sure you have them contact me for all your Stampin' Up! needs if you want something special under the tree this year.


**********If that is not enough of a special how about...drum roll....Double Eggs are Back!!!!********


Yes from November 24 - December 2 until midnight when you place an online order through my store that totals $40.00 before tax and shipping you will earn not 1 egg, but 2, order $80.00 before tax and shipping and you will earn 4 eggs, and so on. Cool eh?

Please keep in mind the Country Dozen Rewards are for on-line orders only. Club orders, workshop orders, do not count, thanks for understanding.

After you have earned a Dozen eggs you can pick a stamp set any price as a Thank You from me.

I will verify the dates when you turn your reward sheet in so make sure to mark these dates as double eggs!

Here is the flyer so you can print it out and keep track. It also explains all the other details about the rewards program.

Download Di's Country Dozen Rewards 2011 PDF

Please note: this rewards program is offered by me, Diana Gibbs only, and not Stampin' Up!


Look what else!!! I told you lots of fun stuff was happening....


Starting November 24 through December 2 when you join my Di's Country INKers you will save 25% off the kit! $125.00 worth of stamping goodness for $75.00  You can even pick items off the Extravaganza sale in your customizable kit. Awesome! Want all the Blendabilities? Now is the time to get them.  Plus you will be earning 5% cash back on all commissionable orders placed in December.  You can spend your cash back money in January.  Isn't that cool?

I would love to have you join my family and would love to answer any questions you may have.

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks for stopping in.